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Motorcycle Tours and Experiences of North Devon, and beyond...

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Motorcycle experiences in North Devon and beyond

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Welcome to Dorothy's Speed Shop, a hub of adventure down in the South West, with experience days on our fleet of bikes, plus a wide range tours further affield join in on your own machine.

I don't run an actual open door shop so if you do want to call in for a chat drop me a message beforehand, or if there's something I can help with just give me a shout. 

Look forward to riding with you.

Nathan Millward

(aka Nathanthepostman)



Military trail days are new for 2024 and have replaced the classic postie bike days, with those bikes being given a rest for the year. This is a small group  adventure day on lightweight 230cc single cylinder trail bikes, with a mix of gentle to moderate trails and lots of back road riding. Riders must be 25 years and older and have held an A2 or above motorcycle licence for over one year. They must also have less than 6 points on their licence. 




This is a chance to sample a range of sub 47bhp adventure bikes on a back road discovery day around the North Devon coast and Exmoor. Please note, these are NOT trail days. There is an optional easy lane mid way through the day to see which bike might suit you best in that environment, but in the most part this a road based experience day, the idea being to give you a proper test ride of a wide range of motorcycles. It's a true 'try before you buy' experience.





Mainly in the winter, these will offer a range of levels, from beginner to competent, on a loop of trails around Devon, ideal for the trail rider who doesn't want to have to worry about the route. It'll be small groups, with a manageable distance and a few stops along the way for refreshments. Keep an eye out for dates and details on the link below.




For anyone after a more tailored experience or who wants a day just with their partner or friends, this could be a good option for you. Maybe you want to try a bit of trail riding for the first time. Maybe you want to ride a couple of bikes from the fleet to see which one you prefer. Maybe you're off on a trip and just want a bit of time on a bike to build some confidence and go through some of the basics of trip planning or basic maintenance. Maybe you just want to see the best of the North Devon coastline and countryside. Whatever it is, there's an option here for you. Click on the box below which will take you to the price list and also give option for booking. 




For those adventurous souls looking to get out there and explore on two wheels then hopefully there's something below to suit.

From the wild west horizons of the Cowboy Ride in North America, to the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, the mountains of Scotland on the long standing Garbage Run. Or even to Iceland, to battle the strong northern winds in order to roam its every corner.

Please click on the tour image to take you through to the main pages where hopefully you'll find all the necessary information. These aren't guided tours in the traditional sense of follow the leader from point to point B. They ask that you bring your own mind, and your own sense of navigation. The aim to build motorcycle adventurers, so that the next time you might not need Dorothy at all. We're all capable of great adventure, even if we don't know it yet.

Destination: The American Mid West
Terrain: Tarmac
Accommodation: Hotel
Bikes: Hire bikes
Days of riding: 12
Daily mileage: 160 average
Rider skill: moderate
Cost: From £3250
Date: 22nd April - 4th May.
Places remaining - FULL
Screenshot 2023-11-02 093811.png
Destination: Iceland
Terrain: Tarmac and trail
Accommodation: Hotel, camping, bunks
Bikes: Your own bike
Days of riding: 12
Daily mileage: 140 average
Rider skill: moderate trail skills
Cost: From £3600
Date:  6th - 19th July
Places remaining  SOLD OUT
Screenshot 2023-11-02 101301.png
Destination: Monte Carlo
Terrain: Tarmac
Accommodation: Camping/guesthouse
Bikes: Own bikes
Days of riding: 7
Daily mileage: 180 average
Rider skill: Any
Cost: From £745
Date: 10th - 18th August
Places remaining  -  SOLD OUT
Screenshot 2023-11-02 105216.png
Destination: North Devon
Terrain: Tarmac or trail
Accommodation: Camping or bunkhouse
Bikes: Own bike
Days of riding: 2
Daily mileage: 120 miles
Rider skill: any
Cost: £90 (camping) £110 (bunkhouse)
Date: 5th - 7th April
Screenshot 2023-11-19 132428.png
Destination: Ireland
Terrain: Tarmac
Accommodation: Camping/bunkhouse or hotel
Bikes: Own bike
Days of riding: 7
Daily mileage: 170 miles
Rider skill: any
Cost: From £745
Date: 18th - 25th May
Places remaining - 2 camping
Screenshot 2023-11-02 093633.png
Destination: Land's End to John o'Groats
Terrain: Tarmac
Accommodation: Hotel or Camping options
Bikes: Your own bike
Days of riding: 7
Daily mileage: 190 miles
Rider skill: any
Cost: From £445
Date: 15th to 21st June
Camping FULLY BOOKED (please message to go on reserve list)
Screenshot 2023-11-02 112502.png
Destination: The Italian Alps
Terrain: Tarmac and trail
Accommodation: Hotel or Camping options
Bikes: Your own bike
Days of riding: 7
Daily mileage: 190 miles
Rider skill: any
Cost: From £845
Date: 13th - 22nd September
Places remaining - SOLD OUT
Screenshot 2023-11-02 100050.png
Destination: North Devon
Terrain: Tarmac and/or trail
Accommodation: Camping or bunkhouse
Bikes: Your own bike
Days of riding: 2
Daily mileage: 120 miles
Rider skill: any
Cost: From £145
Date: Summer DATE TBC
Screenshot 2023-11-08 102150.png
Destination: Spain
Terrain: Tarmac
Accommodation: Hotel 
Bikes: Your own bike
Days of riding: 11
Daily mileage: 160 miles
Rider skill: any
Cost: From £2200
Date: 6th - 17th October
Places remaining - FULLY BOOKED
Untitled (27).png
Destination: Morocco
Terrain: Tarmac + optional dirt
Accommodation: Hotel, desert camps
Bikes: Own bike
Days of riding: 10
Daily mileage: Around 170 miles
Rider skill: any
Cost: £1999
Date: TBC
Untitled (28).png
Destination: North Devon
Terrain: Trail
Accommodation: Bunkhouse
Bikes: Own bike
Days of riding: 1
Daily mileage: 120 miles 
Rider skill: Basic trail
Cost: From £110
Date: 9th - 11th February 2024

Something to read before you go any further


My tours have always historically attracted people from all corners of motorcycling; riders old bikes, new bikes, big bikes, small bikes. This mix is what makes my tours generally different to others. But the people - no matter what they ride - are generally of a similar disposition; they want to get out and ride their motorcycles, test themselves, see somewhere new and make some new friends along the way. I don't ask much of people other than that they're open minded, tolerant of others and rally around one another if the chips are down. Great bonds are generally formed on these tours.

The tours are NOT fully guided. They used to be but I found it meant people turn their brains off and don't learn to develop their own way of travel. Now they're assisted, let's say. There will always be a lead rider, even a back rider (sometimes even a support van), but it's up to you whether you ride with them or not. People have different habits, different toilet stops, different views to stop and take images of. I encourage people to dictate their own pace. I give GPX routes, waypoints and a physical route book. You will need a means of navigation - sat nav or phone - as this will give you the freedom to roam at your own pace. Small groups generally form; people with similar tastes and speeds. There's no one best way. Each tour evolves organically. If you're looking for a 'follow the leader' type tour, this is not for you. There are some really good tour companies that do operate that way. 

Our aim is for you to return from these tours more confident, stronger riders, more skilled navigators and more fearless motorcycle adventurers. So no matter the bike, your age, your skill set, these tours are for you. But you have to want to grow as a rider. That's the only universal requirement. 


For all these tours (other than where rental bikes are provided), you will need a road legal machine that has all necessary documentation and is of sound mechanical order. Breakdown insurance is advised. Riders also need to be of sound physical (and mental!) ability and declare anything that might medically affect their ability to ride either before or during the trip. Please note that you are riding on your own motorcycle policy. There is no insurance provided by Dot Adventures Limited or its trading name; Dorothy's Speed Shop. Riders ride at their own risk. If you are self employed consider an insurance policy that covers you if you have an accident and are unable to work. Please also consider critical injury insurance, for these tours or any form of motorcycling, which will provide for you if you have a life changing accident on a motorcycle. Motorcycling is an inherently dangerous pursuit and you accept the reality of that by joining on one of these tours.

You will also need some form of navigation, be it a sat-nav device or your phone. There is always someone there guiding on these tours, but equally there's always encouragement for riders to make their own way by means of GPX files or route guides supplied. Some tours are self guided completely. 

Some of the adventures from 2023...


THE LONG RIDE HOME - Sydney to London £13

RUNNING TOWARDS THE LIGHT  - New York to Alaska £13





'Dorothy's' is named after the bike I rode from Sydney to London back in 2009 and then across America to Alaska in 2012. I worked as a motorcycle journalist after that, before in 2017 beginning to run a series of tours called 'Garbage Runs', as they began by being aimed at small cheap bikes.

Tours of the UK, Europe, America and Australia followed, until 2020 when Covid struck and the need to stay closer to home gave birth to 'Dorothy's Speed Shop', a place in North Devon where the adventures could be based. A fleet of iconic Aussie post bikes (same as Dorothy) are at the heart of the experiences, alongside tours for people on their own bikes.

Look forward to seeing you on the road.

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