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NEW FOR 2024

Back road discovery days on a lightweight, low seat height CCM MT230 - ideal for the novice rider...

  • Fully guided

  • Join an open day or book as a group

  • Enjoy some green laning on a light manageable machine

  • See the best of North Devon

  • Several stops for refreshments/lunch

  • Around 70 miles ridden

  • Suitable for any rider with an A2 or above licence and aged over 25.

  • £175 per person inclusive of fuel and insurance .

  • A great way to experience 'off road' riding for the first time.

The bikes are all CCM's MT230, a short lived project from the Bolton based company - at least on the commercial market - as these bikes were primarily exported overseas and employed as military motorcycles in places such as Afghanistan. Rugged, tough, easy to ride, they're an ideal substitute for Dorothy's ageing fleet of Honda CT110s. These are a little taller, a little heavier, but still nice and manageable and with a conventional clutch and gearbox.

May new battle lines be drawn.

Power: 18bhp

Seat height: 845mm

Weight: 135 kilos

Brakes: disc all round (no ABS)


These days involve riding conditions that you might not have ridden in before, including mud, grass and rocky services. The pace is gentle and no one is asked to do anything they don't feel comfortable doing, but there is an inherent risk involved and riders acknowledge and accept this risk when participating in a postie bike experience day. Please see below for common questions.


What do I wear?
It's a requirement that you wear the bare minimum of a road legal helmet, eye protection (goggles, visor etc), gloves and suitable sturdy boots with ankle protection. Trainers not permissible. It's also strongly recommended that you wear protection to your knees, elbows and shoulders. Waterproofs are also advised if poor weather forecast.
How long will you be riding for?
We'll be out on the bikes for between six and seven hours, with time in that for several refreshment stops including lunch. For those who don't ride frequently this can feel a long day, so it's important that you declare any medical issues at the outset and let the guide know if you're starting to struggle or need a break. People of all ages have taken part on a postie bike day, and the main thing is that you ride at your own pace.
What terrain will we ride on?

The rides are designed to show you the best of the North Devon countryside as well as give you a taste of legal green laning. Green lanes are unpaved byways open to all traffic (BOATS) that maybe muddy, rocky or grassy. We will ride between 6 and 10 of these lanes throughout the day. The rest of the time we will be on the A and B roads that might be single track and interesting in their own right. Everything we ride will be legal.

What if it rains?
It's obviously difficult to work around the weather and invariably we may have rain the day that you visit. Bring waterproofs if that is the case, and just be conscious that the lanes will be a little more slippy/muddy. Only if it's torrential rain would we possibly look to cancel.

What if I damage the bike?
There is a £250 excess on the bikes, which comes into effect if you significantly damage the bike or if you have a collision involving a third party. It's expected that you pay this excess on the day of the incident. Generally, damage is generally light - a broken wing mirror, break lever or bent handlebars - with this damage charge at a nominal fee; £10 for a wing mirror, £15 for a break lever and £40 for the handlebars etc.

What if I injure myself?
Please note that riders take part in postie bike adventure day at their own risk. Of course, with motorcycling there is always a risk of injury, and with riding on trails the risk of having an accident also increases. If you're self employed it's worth considering an insurance policy that protects your income in the event of an accident or injury. The main thing is to ride at a pace that suits you and if you don't wish to ride any of the terrain then please feel free to make that clear. No one is obliged to ride anything.

What skills do I need?
Basic bike skills are obviously essential. Being realistic about your ability and riding within your limits are the most useful skills to have. Anyone not riding within their limits will be asked to do so and if they continue to ride in a manner that's not safe for them or the rest of the group then their ride will be terminated and no refund offered.

What about food and refreshments?
We'll stop for a mid morning coffee around 11am, and then lunch at around 1pm, which is usually at somewhere quick and convenient; pastie, sandwich etc. A mid afternoon ice cream stop is often also factored in. If you want to bring snacks and drinks then please feel free to do so.

What about health conditions, medication or injuries?
You are asked to disclose anything that might effect your ability to ride prior to setting out. This could be medication, allergies, recent surgeries, old injuries etc, with it advised if you have any concerns to get in touch in advance and talk them through. If you have asthma and use a pump then please bring it. Equally, if you have an allergy and carry an EpiPen then please let us know where it's kept.

What licence do I need?
You will need a minimum of an A2 licence, be over the age of 25 and have at least one year's experience post test. If you haven't ridden for over five years please make this known when booking. If you haven't ridden for over 10 years then a one on one session would be advised.

To book, please go to the relevant dates on the booking calendar below. PLEASE NOTE: If a date is password protected it means it's a private group booking.



At Dorothy’s all we ask is:


  • You treat the bike with the respect that you treat your own

  • You ride within your limits at all times and acknowledge that there is no obligation to keep up with the rider in front.

  • You only attempt terrain that you deem suitable to your ability. There is no obligation to ride anything you don’t want to.

  • You agree to ride responsibly around other riders

  • You agree to remain behind the lead rider at all times

  • You agree to declare any medical condition or history that may be detrimental to your participation

  • You agree that Dorothy’s Speed Shop will remove me from the course if my behaviour is considered dangerous to myself or any other person.

  • You agree that you have sole responsibility for your own actions and personal safety and that you must ride to your own abilities and conditions. You have dynamic control of the bike at all times.

  • You agree that you shall not consume alcohol or drugs before or during the ride.

  • You agree that you have not been convicted of any motoring offence involving drink or drugs in the last 5 years.

  • You accept that motorcycling is an inherently dangerous pursuit and there is of course risk of injury, disablement and death.

  • You accept that there is no personal injury insurance, only the bike is covered, therefore if you are self employed you might want to consider some income protection insurance such as with


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