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Motorcycling doesn't have to cost the earth. Buy a bike for less than £1000 and come adventuring...

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  • Buy a bike capable of 'adventure' for less than £1000, or use a bike you already have.

  • Take part in the online forum and share tips, advice and camaraderie. 

  • Win points for getting out and adventuring in your own time, and/or participate in a series of weekend events throughout the UK aimed specifically at participants of the 'Grand Challenge'. A chance for the gang to get together and ride and meet like minded riders.

  • Receive a 10% discount on any of Dorothy's Adventure Tours for those taking part on their 'Grand Adventure' machine.

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The Grand Challenge is a free to enter year long motorcycle experience for anyone to take part in, wherever you are in the UK, even the world! The idea is to encourage people to get out and put to great use a motorcycle worth a £1000 or less. This could be a motorcycle you already own or a motorcycle you go out and buy. Some of the ways you can earn points might be through trail based riding, others through riding on the road. It’s up to you what type of bike you buy and what type of riding you choose to do. Throughout the year take part in activities to earn points, and at the end of the year the rider with the most points wins the Grand Challenge Cup!


To take part you just need to fill in your details in the box at the bottom. You’ll also need a suitable motorcycle. Once you’ve done that look out for ways to earn some points; take part in some of the organised events or go off on your own back and get racking up those points. Throughout the year keep a tally of your points and we'll celebrate the winner at the end.

The world’s your oyster here, with some great bikes kicking about of all sizes, makes and models. The original idea for the Grand Challenge was to encourage people to do some green laning on light manageable machines such as the Honda CG125, but in recognition of people being excited by different things, the challenge has been opened up to those who want to stick to the Tarmac as well, and choose a bike accordingly. There is flexibility in the system, meaning that if you’re apprehensive about buying a cheap bike and want something a little fresher, up to the value of £1500, then that’s okay, but you’ll just be docked a point for every pound you go over the grand. Equally, you’ll gain a point for every pound you spend less than a £1000.

Bikes have to be road legal and safe to ride.


Please note, this isn't about abusing a cheap bike, but instead valuing what they can offer and riding them accordingly. Likewise, there will be a code of conduct for each of the official 'Grand Challenge' events which riders will be obliged to adhere to. 


Finding a good reliable machine for less than a thousand pounds isn’t always easy, but it’s not impossible. Facebook Marketplace seems to be a great resource for realistically priced older machines where you can also get a better feel for the person selling them. Ebay is also a good option, as is Gumtree, but also think laterally and consider asking your local dealer if they’ve had any cheap trade ins, or ask around your local bike groups or owners forums for people selling off good cheap bikes. The Grand Challenge Facebook page will also be a chance for people to share links with bikes for sale and for people to list their own bikes they have available.


Scoring points is easy, with a list of tasks and challenges you can engage in throughout the year in your own time, or, you can join some of the organised events being put on throughout the year. The list below isn’t comprehensive and it’ll expand as we go along, adding new ways of getting more points. It’s also open to your suggestions; if you have a new idea or a plan in mind, just send it through and let’s add it to the list.



The Grand Challenge Facebook Group is the best way to keep in touch .There’ll also be a WhatsApp group and if demand calls for it, an online forum.

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10 Aug 2024, 12:00

These are ways in which you can earn points. It's not an extensive list. More will be added throughout the year and it's for members to suggest new ways to earn points. As long as it encourages people to get out and ride then there's points to be earned. Those who want to take part overseas can identify their own way they can earn points accordingly. 

SW500 – 500 points 
Snowdonia 360 – 360 points
North East 250 – 250 points
LEJOG - The Garbage Run Route - 1500 points!
A lap of IRELAND – 1500 points

NC500 – 500 points!

Four corners of Britain  challenge – 2000 points
Blackpool to Skegness – A point for every mile 

Lap of Isle of Man circuit - 500 points
Round  Britain Rally - 40 points for each landmark
The Longest Day Challenge - 2500 points for successful completion, 1000 points for taking part.

Iron Butt and complete it – 2000 points; if you attempt it and don't succeed; 800 pointsSummer Solstic Ride
Complete a perimeter of Wales - 1000

Take part in the Welsh National Road Rally
A lap of the Isle of Wight - 150 points

Trans European Trail - 2000 points for completing all of it;  100 points for each 50 mile stretch ridden
Ride a green lane - 20 points for each new green lane you ride
Join a TRF rideout - 50 points
Take part in Dirt Quake - 300 points
Take part in a Rally Moto - 300 points
Ride an event at Sweetlamb Adventure Academy - 300
A lap of the ABR adventure trail – 100 points
Take part in a Long Distance Trial - 400
Ride the full length of the Fosse Way - 200 points
Ride the Stella Alpina event - 1000 points, bonus 200 points for reaching the top

Take part in Prescott Hill Climb – 50 points
Take part in
Distinguished Gentlemans ride – 100 points
Santa Pod – A timed run on a Run what ya bring day; every two weeks – 200 points; 500 point bonus for fastest run

Take part in a charity ride - 200 points

Take part in a Moto Gymkhana – 100 points

Take part in a race at the Malle Mile - 100 points


Ride to the seaside for an icecream - a point for every mile
The One Tank Challenge - Brim the tank and go on a circular adventure - a point for ever mile. 200 point bonus for most miles covered
Ride to see a friend you haven't seen in a long time - 50 points
Get fish and chips at Matlock Bath - a point for every mile
Visit five castles in a day - 20 points for each castle
Take a snap with a motoring organisation telephone box - 50 points for each box

For every road side repair- 50 points
Most miles covered over the year - 2000
Most stickered bike - 500 points
Best roadside bodge - 500 points
Most rubbish bike award - 500 points
Most creative modification award - 500 points
Photos of bike with a seagull - 100 points
Most shameful riding attire - 200 points
Most trips in a roadside recovery vehicle - 500 points
Grab a granny - a 50 point bonus for every granny or grandad you photo in the saddle. 200 bonus points if you take them on a 50 mile ride
Meet up with three or more 'Grand Challengers' and go on a 100 mile ride - 100 bonus points


And look out for the 'Grand Challenge' official event calendar, coming soon.


Sign ups so far....

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