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Honda aren't bringing it in to the UK, but that doesn't stop Dorothy, with the new HONDA CT125s to ride...

  • Fully guided

  • Join an open day or book as a group

  • Mainly B roads with some single track Tarmac lanes and coastal roads

  • See the best of North Devon

  • Ride at your own pace

  • Several stops for refreshments/lunch

  • Around 90 miles ridden

  • Several gentle unmade road/green lane elements

  • Suitable for any rider with an A2 or above licence and aged over 21.

  • Must be confident at slow speed riding/back roads.

  • £185 per person. Fuel and insurance included.

Keen to ride the new Honda CT125 but disappointed about Honda's decision not to bring them to the UK?

Well fear not, because Dorothy's has managed to get hold of a fleet of five, imported from Thailand by Seven Seas Motorcycles in Dewsbury.

They have a bit more power, a bit more comfort and a little bit more weight than the old one, which is why we take a slightly different route on the new bikes, taking in a touch more road, and a touch less of the more muddy and challenging lanes featured on the Classic Postie Bike days.

The bikes are four speed, without a clutch lever and an inverted gearbox meaning it's down to go up and up to go down (the way it is in Asia). But worry not as each day begins with a full tutorial ands chance to acclimatise to the bikes before heading off into the great wide yonder.

These are days designed to show off the best of North Devon, on bikes perfectly suited, meaning that by the end of the day you'll be even more frustrated at Honda's decision not to bring them in! 




At Dorothy’s all we ask is:

  • You treat the bike with the respect that you treat your own

  • You ride within your limits at all times and acknowledge that there is no obligation to keep up with the rider in front.

  • You only attempt terrain that you deem suitable to your ability. There is no obligation to ride anything you don’t want to.

  • You agree to ride responsibly around other riders.

  • You agree to remain behind the lead rider at all times.

  • You agree to declare any medical condition or history that may be detrimental to your participation.

  • You agree that Dorothy’s Speed Shop has the right to remove me from the course if my behaviour is considered dangerous to myself or any other person.

  • You agree that you have sole responsibility for your own actions and personal safety and that you must ride to your own abilities and conditions. 

  • You agree that you shall not consume alcohol or drugs before or during the ride.

  • You agree that you have not been convicted of any motoring offence involving drink or drugs in the last 5 years.

  • You accept that motorcycling is an inherently dangerous pursuit and there is of course risk of injury, disablement and death.

  • You accept that there is no personal injury insurance, only the bike is covered, therefore if you are self employed you might want to consider some income protection insurance such as with

That might sound ominous but these are a relaxed, gentle paced days designed to showcase the best of the landscape, the bikes and introduce you to a new style of riding.




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