Adventures in your own backyard....

The Garbage Run began in Spring 2017 when fed up with repeatedly putting off a planned trip from Land's End to John o'Groats I put it out there for anyone to join me, meeting at Land's End at a particular time and date. Thirty people turned up, all on slightly inappropriate machines, and from then on the Garbage Run was born.

The idea behind it is to take people on an adventure on their own bikes. The runs are semi-guided. We know where the day begins and ends and in between things can vary. People can ride as a group, go off solo or form smaller groups. The aim is to give people an environment in which they can make make the adventure their own and hopefully use it to build their confidence for the next time, when they might go it alone.

The runs often involve camping in order to keep costs cheap. So far, in the three years since, Garbage Run has been across America, across Australia, back from Bulgaria, around Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall.


Due to the ongoing restrictions surrounding Covid, runs for 2021 are shorter and closer to home. To find out more and to book head to: 

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Images from the first LEJOG - 2017